Wednesday, January 1, 2014

The Beginning of 2014

Happy New Year 2014!!!
It is a new day, another new beginning in each everyone chapter of life, I believe.

As what I always practice yearly since couple years ago, I like to set some resolutions to make sure that I actually have something to achieve in that particular year. Just as my guidelines on how well I have been doing along the year.

Of course,  before I set a new resolution, I do reflect back to my previous year's resolutions too, so I can evaluate my very own performance.
And this year, since it has been my second year of me posting it here on this blog, I have actually captured my 2012 resolution and mark those points that I have managed to achieve.

Let's see my evaluation in last year resolutions then:
   1. Knit at least 5 pieces of adult size wearable, using the pattern I have purchased all this while. ~~~ I did manage to knit more than 5 pieces of adult wearable project throughout 2013, but the only issue is it was mostly for a testknit that I volunteer in and not from pattern that I have purchased. So still need to work on this.

   2. Focus more on handling the business of my yarn shop. ~~~ going steady with this since I am now have passed my 2nd year in running my offline shop and still going strong.

   3. Stop spending recklessly on yarns and pattern books, which I know for sure, this will not be as easy as I thought it will be. ~~~ though that I only manage to do this since the past 3-4months, I just couldn't be proud of myself that I am now a better spender than before.

   4. Clearing the projects kept in the WIPs bag, have start to decide to finish it or just rip it of to make some other project. This includes to finish one WIP before starting the new one, unless there is some exceptional case like this one - not enough yarn of the same colour. ~~~ still need to work on this actually. I did rip some of my WIP but that doesn't mean it getting any lesser than before. And again I still have the habit on creating extra WIP when I already have one or two ongoing project.

Referring through the mentioned above, I think overall, I just managed to achieve 50% of my set targets for 2013.

So now come the time to set the new target to achieve on 2014 :
   1. I am planning to actually design my very own knitwear and have it published in ravelry. Having a full year experience of helping other designer in test knitting their patterns, I think I have enough knowledge and ready to come out with my own design now.
   2. *Repeating my last year to-do-list* I again have to knit at least 5 pieces of adult knitwear with pattern I haven purchased earlier.
   3. To have not more than 3 WIPS by the end of the year and aiming to have maybe NO wip at all which means I am going to finish whatever I have started and not going to let it frogged.
   4. To still controlling my reckless spending on books and yarns, even I have successfully done this for the past few months.

Anyhow, I am not gonna bit too harsh with myself this year as I have bigger plan upcoming in my life but will definitely giving my best in accomplishing those 4points mentioned above.

And to everyone who is reading this at the moment, I would like to wish you a HAPPY NEW YEAR again and hope that your year ahead will be great and may even be better than year before.

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