Friday, August 16, 2013

It has been a while...!!!

I remember few months back, after I clean up my blog, I promised to always spare some time to write in about what I have been up too. But too bad, I believed that was not happening for the past month.

My little girl finally enter school in the beginning of July and that means I have to add another remarks in my everyday to-do-list for sure. Not to forget a little bit time management issue has also become another problem of mine.

So what I have been busy with for the past six weeks? Well, I have been involving in lots of kitchen work for sure since the little one has started her school. I found that I have been quite excited with the meal box (Bento) preparing moment for her to bring everyday to school. A friend of mine has inspired me a lot with this, as she always prepare cute and nice looking bento for her soon everyday. I am still in learning process to make it even cuter for sure.
Some of my Bento that I have done

I also get to do some bread baking, at last. Thanks to recipe I found online, I have finally conquer my fear of baking bread and loving it for sure. Been baking few time since then, especially when hubby said he loves my bread hahahaha.
My favorite baking recipe for the month

And I also have managed to finish two knitting project which had moved quite slow in the knitting process comparing to my usual speed though. A vest for test knit - Merewether and a blanket - Baby Chalice Blanket.


So that what has been going on with me since July up to today and it has been a great experience for sure. Hope you will have a great day ahead too :)

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